Medical Escort on Commercial Flight
A cost-effective alternative
For those patients who require a companion on a commercial flight to provide them with peace of mind, assistance and -if necessary- medical treatment, we offer an air medical escort service. A doctor or nurse practitioner will accompany the patient and remain with him/her at all times.
Aimed at patients who can travel seated or semi-seated and have sufficient mobility to move around with the aid of a wheelchair on an airplane, who are medically stable, and whose medical assistance needs are typically limited to oxygen management, intravenous/oral medicine, physical help getting around, and/or logistical support due to mental disorientation, and/or for patients who do not have the opportunity to be accompanied by friends or family.
The service starts wherever the patient needs it to start (from home or hospital) and likewise ends at the clinic, hospital or home the patient has chosen in the city of destination.
Medically accompanied flights are mainly conducted in business class, but economy class is also possible.